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We build our Studios around strategic themes—IoT, Commerce and Retail, Marketing Tech, Sports and Entertainment Tech, Media Tech, and more—and build cohorts to support them.

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Global Sports Venture Studio

We’ve partnered with the Dodgers for a third time to help industry leaders embrace disruption, experiment with innovation, and engage with the startup ecosystem in strategic and risk-controlled ways. The Studio brings together leagues, brands, media companies, and other corporates to deliver a 360º view of the sports, technology, and entertainment landscape.

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R/GA Data Venture Studio

In partnership with R/GA and IPG clients, the R/GA Data Venture Studio is a groundbreaking collaboration designed to help organizations engage and innovate in a digital landscape driven by data. Studio partners will have the opportunity ​to explore and test solutions in a risk-controlled environment, including pilots with leading startups and collaborations with other Studio partners.

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