How Brands Like Owlet Are Helping Consumers Monitor Their Health With Wearables


Increasing awareness of health and wellness is driving interest among consumers in daily health monitoring, and brands are responding with connected apparel and wearables

Brands are implementing wearable technology in apparel, designing products with features like ECG and heart beat monitoring capabilities. These wares have the ability to connect to companion apps, providing consumer insights into their health and even alert related parties as needed.

Whether the clothes are made for athletic training or infant monitoring, brands are understanding the importance of developing products that go beyond the simple wearing capabilities of apparel. Here’s how retailers are extending the purpose of their products and giving consumers peace of mind:

Infant tech company Owlet created smart baby socks that monitor heart rate and oxygen levels and send notifications if anything should go wrong, giving parents peace of mind while they sleep. The socks use clinically proven pulse oximetry and connect to a base station that glows green to illustrate that everything is okay, but uses lights, sounds, and app notifications if heart rate or oxygen levels are too high or low.

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