Brave Announces Charity Initiatives To Aid Non-Profits Battling COVID-19

The Chain Bulletin

The company developing the private open-source web browser Brave announced various initiatives to help non-profit organizations that battle issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Brave offers free advertising space to organizations that gather money for COVID-19 relief funds such as No Kid Hungry, Khan Academy and GetUsPPE, to name a few. Anybody can contribute to any of these fundraisers through the now well-known way of donating BAT.

Brave will donate some of its Sponsored Images area to non-profit organizations or charities, as part of the initiative. As we mentioned in a previous article, by participating in the Sponsored Images program, companies can advertise their products or brand through a large, high-definition image that appears when a new tab on the Brave browser has been opened. More than 13.9 million monthly users have viewed some of the sponsored images picked up by Brave.

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