10 Black-Owned Tech Companies You Should Know About in 2023

PC Mag

The struggle for racial equity in America and worldwide is fought on a number of different battlefields, and one of them is technology. Access to capital and resources has traditionally been more difficult for founders of color, but even with those obstacles, Black-owned tech companies have found space to thrive. Here are 10 examples of businesses founded and owned by people of color that are poised to do even greater things this year.

Convenience is one of the strongest selling points in technology, and firms are always looking for more ways to speed up and smooth out processes. Cincinnati-based startup Lisnr has raised over $10 million for its SmartTones communication protocol, which it believes could change the way devices speak to one another. Instead of using radio frequency waves such as Bluetooth, SmartTones uses ordinary speakers and microphones to emit and pick up inaudible sound waves that can be used as carrier tones for all kinds of information. The technology requires no custom hardware, and big names like Intel Capital are already investing.

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