Adludio Intel shows off motion-capture tech powering 'The Tempest' via sensory Snapchat ad

Mobile Marketer


  • Intel partnered with the marketing tech firm Adludio to design a Snapchat ad that showcases the motion-capture technology used in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s (RSC) recent stage production of “The Tempest,” according to a news release provided to Mobile Marketer. The aim of the effort, the release said, was to connect with savvy millennials on their mobile phones.
  • The sensory ad uses tilt-to-reveal technology to demonstrate how actor Mark Quartley’s offstage movements became the onstage movements of the magical sprite character Ariel from the play. The RSC reached out to Intel after seeing the virtual “Leviathan” presentation at Intel’s 2014 keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show.
  • The ad combines gyroscopes within a phone, HD visuals and the SnapAD+Web module to create a brief, interactive experience.


Intel’s ad for “The Tempest” shows how marketers can leverage bleeding edge tech in tandem with platforms like Snapchat in order to bolster their social media efforts. The tilt-to-reveal element adds an additional layer of interactivity to the ad that’s likely to keep viewers engaged as they check out the motion-capture powering Mark Quartley’s performance.

For theatre-lovers who couldn’t attend the most recent run of “The Tempest,” which ended Aug. 18, the ad also presents an opportunity to see some of the spectacle first-hand.

“By engaging the senses, telling a story can have a new meaning because there is much greater opportunity to engage and make brands interesting — a natural alignment with the exciting and interactive nature of Snapchat,” Jacques Kotze, founder of Adludio, said in a statement.

Creating such an experience — whether in a theater or on a phone — requires the participation of a slew of organizations, tech-focused and otherwise. The names involved in bringing this ad to consumers’ phones span the worlds of digital visualization, theater, advertising, technology and social media. Besides Intel, Snapchat, the RSC and Adludio, Imaginarium Studios and R/GA Ventures Studio also lent a hand in designing the campaign.

The RSC-Snapchat ad follows close on the heels of similar initiatives that suggest Intel is increasingly interested in linking its brand to emerging-tech interpretations of live events. In June, the company, widely known as a chipmaker, announced a seven-year deal with International Olympic Committee that involves virtual-reality, artificial intelligence and drones.

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