CodeZero Launches New Digital Identity Card Powered By LISNR Ultrasonic Technology

Press Release

CodeZero has launched the ZERO BrandCard, a digital identity card of the future, backed by LISNR to enable a secure and contactless digital identity exchange.

Strategically tailored for the “new normal”, CodeZero’s future identity card pushes the envelope to what a business card can be. In one easy to access portal, a company can upload, design and digitize their corporate profile, brochures, and even an entire sales kit, saving time, cost, and the environment. An employee can be onboarded and assigned their own digital business card containing their marketing collateral all in a matter of clicks. The employee can then easily share or exchange their digital business card with their networks ensuring the best and most consistent first impression.

Looking for a market solution to help combat digital identity spoofing & enable contactless authentication, CodeZero recognized LISNR’s ultrasonic technology as the safest and most seamless data transfer and authentication medium. After a failed search to find a viable ultrasonic solution before this, CodeZero had to revert to using the QR Code until eventually discovering LISNR as a more suitable technology for touchless authentication at regulated safe distances. They are looking to eventually replace their QR Code solution entirely with LISNR ultrasonic technology as they see the advantages of ultrasonic data transfer playing a crucial role as they expand their product offerings as well.

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