Darkstore Launches FastAF App for same day product delivery


Darkstore, the tech-driven fulfillment solution to enable e-commerce companies to offer same-day delivery, has just released a consumer-facing app called FastAF. Right now, the app is only available in Los Angeles.

FastAF is built on top of Darkstore, which already has relationships with a number of brands that store their products in Darkstores for same-day delivery. With Darkstore, companies like Nike, Adidas and Levis are able to offer same-day delivery to customers by storing their products inside Darkstore’s urban fulfillment centers. Currently, there are 550 Darkstores across 283 cities.

With FastAF, consumers can now order directly from those Darkstores for same-day delivery. FastAF currently offers 1,200 items from 170 brands. Fast AF has partnered with DoorDash to handle deliveries and a different company for returns. To return an item, customers can head into the FastAF app to request a return and then someone will come pick it up from you and take it back to the Darkstore fulfillment center.