Dashbot and Recime Announce Partnership to Offer Analytics to Enterprise Chatbots

The Daily Telescope

Dashbot, the leading conversational analytics platform, entered into a strategic partnership with Recime, an enterprise chatbot building platform, both companies reported earlier this month. The partnership will provide companies building conversational products (chatbots) on the Recime platform with the ability to track performance and iterate their bots by leveraging Dashbot’s advanced conversational analytics.

Recime enables brands to build highly customizable, yet advanced chatbots in a point-and-click manner, which allow them to reach their customers on any messaging channel (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, web site and more). Dashbot provides cross-platform chatbot analytics for enterprise brands and startups building conversational interfaces, and has processed more than 25 billion messages to date. The partnership includes the option for bot builders on the Recime platform to seamlessly integrate Dashbot analytics into any bot. This integration provides a complete suite of Dashbot analytics to Recime customers for free. For additional advanced analytics, customers can choose to upgrade to the premium or enterprise editions of Dashbot.

“Dashbot is the leader in conversational analytics,” said Mehfuz Hossain, Recime co-founder and CEO on why the company selected Dashbot as its chatbot analytics partner. “By providing an in-depth chatbot overview, it gives our customers the required insights to improve user engagement and build the best possible voice and chatbot experiences. We are very happy with the outcome of this partnership.”

Arte Merritt, co-founder and CEO at Dashbot, shared his support for the new partnership: “Platforms like Recime make it easy to build compelling conversational interfaces, and with this simple integration with Dashbot analytics, customers will have a full suite of tools to build, optimize, learn and iterate chatbots in their applications. It is a win-win partnership. I’m really excited to see what our customers create.”

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