Fitness is ‘More Fun’ with FORTË and LiveLike

Athletech News

hat’s your forté when it comes to fitness? Is it executing perfect form, planking your way to muscle fatigue, or committing to meeting your mileage goals on the treadmill? Well, for two fitness brands, FORTË and LiveLike, their strength is coming together in a business partnership set to shake up the way we workout.

Already known as the top choice in B2B interactive video streaming platforms for the NFL Players Association, UFC Gym, 305 Fitness, and many other known brand names, gyms, and sports leagues, FORTË has teamed with technology company LiveLike to better encourage individuals with their virtual workouts. LiveLike’s “interactive and community-driven features” used in tandem with the FORTË “fan and user experience” present a winning combination for those seeking to smash their workout sessions with other users, sans judgment.

“Fitness is much less intimidating and more fun when we do it together,” says FORTË CEO Lauren Foundos. Foundos adds, “We are working with LiveLike to enable our clients to create deeper connections between their community and instructors. The engagement and rewards experiences they have provided to their partners, including many of the top sports organizations in the world, global gym chains, boutique studios, and influencers, will apply nicely to further enhance our interactive digital experience. By partnering with LiveLike, we will continue to push the limits, innovate, and always ensure that we deliver the best community-driven experience for our clients and their members.”

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