FORTË to Launch STUDIO PLAYER by FORTË, Bringing Digital Fitness to Any Facility

Press Release

Founded in 2015, FORTË B2B, interactive video streaming platform for gyms, boutique studios, influencers, and leagues. They power top brands like UFC Gym, YMCA, The Edge, World Gym, and The NFL Players Association.

FORTË builds their partners’ websites and apps that look like their own and integrate into their ecosystem. Their platform enables their partners to offer live and on-demand content, has two-way video, live leaderboards, wearable integrations, social features, music licensing options, automated live-streaming, and offers unique audience intelligence insights used for data-driven marketing and more.

Announcing STUDIO PLAYER by FORTË – a state of the art application to bring your best coaches, LIVE and on-demand classes to any facility for round-the-clock programming. Fill off peak time slots to complement your live classes and minimize downtime in your studios.

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