From Climate Anxiety to Climate Action: New Fintech Platform Enables Next-Gen Green Financial Decision-Making

Fintech Finance News

Digital product studio ustwo has recently partnered with fintech start-up GreenPortfolio to create a new product design which gives people a transparent and emotive way to make climate-friendly financial decisions. By implementing empathetic design and Play Thinking principles, ustwo developed an interactive user experience that empowers people to fight climate change with their finances — all the while staying engaged and hopeful, instead of anxious and confused.

GreenPortfolio is a SaaS platform that allows people to track the climate impact of their finances. With a proprietary, climate-first scoring system, GreenPortfolio helps subscribers avoid unintentionally investing in fossil fuels, and easily find companies, funds and services in line with their climate values. However, finance and climate change are topics that can feel overwhelming and complicated. To help users stay engaged and take action, GreenPortfolio needed to make sure its user experience felt as emotionally resonant and optimistic as possible.

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