Greenfly, Inc. Announces Tech Partnership with Cannes Lions

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Greenfly, Inc., a platform that helps the world’s leading brands leverage their networks to create authentic, original content for social and digital platforms, today announced that it is partnering with the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity to help power the content strategy for the event.

Cannes Lions will use the Greenfly platform to collate, create and publish exclusive content captured during the Festival to the Cannes Lions app, website and social media channels. Cannes Lions will gather photo and video content from a selected network of creative contributors, who will capture awards ceremonies, networking events, parties, and speakers, and be sent content to post on their own social accounts. This partnership for Cannes Lions will allow the global creative community to connect with the Festival of Creativity like never before.

“By using the Greenfly platform to power the creation and sharing of content during the Festival, we anticipate posting hundreds of videos and photos captured during the week. This will enhance the Cannes Lions experience bringing people closer to the work, the events, and the community,” says Jose Papa, Managing Director, Cannes Lions.   

“We love empowering brands to create new, engaging content that can be shared to social media in minutes. It’s exciting to see the Cannes Lions brand use our technology with the most creative and influential minds in marketing and advertising to share their perspectives with Festival attendees and those following the Festival on social media,” says Shawn Green, Chairman and co-founder of Greenfly.

“The Greenfly platform is the easiest way for brands to engage their network of relationships – from athletes and influencers to experts and employees – to create and share a brand’s story across digital platforms. Whether a brand is looking to moments like events, premieres and product launches, or to get deeper content straight from people they partner with, Greenfly enables an organization to capture the voices and faces of its most powerful associated storytellers. We’re proud to enable the Cannes Lions Festival to tell its story in a new and powerful way across all its media channels,” says Daniel Kirschner, CEO and co-founder of Greenfly.

The partnership reinforces Greenfly’s integration with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as their work with global brand partners to create and share authentic content to social and digital platforms quickly and easily. Greenfly also allows brands and agencies to work with their network to push out original videos, images, and links from key brand content.

To view the content, follow the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

About Greenfly, Inc.
Greenfly is a SaaS technology platform that enables companies to leverage their relationship networks to drive new levels of engagement and reach new audiences. The Greenfly system integrates a mobile app with a private, web-based content production and orchestration system. Content generated or distributed via Greenfly has entertained many tens of millions on television, social media platforms, and across the Internet.

Greenfly was co-founded by Shawn Green, an all-star major league baseball player for 15 years including with the Dodgers and Mets, and Daniel Kirschner, a senior digital media executive and Internet policy official. Greenfly is based in Santa Monica, California. More information can be found at www.greenfly.com.

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