Greenfly Partners With Blinkfire To Provide Actionable Analytics for Sponsors

Press Release

Greenfly, the leader in real-time digital media management software, and Blinkfire, the leading sponsorship intelligence and marketing analytics platform, today announced a strategic partnership that will enhance Greenfly’s suite of digital media workflow management services with the addition of Blinkfire’s powerful analytics and reporting capabilities.

Greenfly’s sports customers now have a comprehensive software platform that will provide partnership and sponsor teams pivotal analytics to gain deeper insight into the value of digital reach, impressions and engagement across social media accounts and social platforms. This includes official team and league impact as well as the influence of athletes, staff, ambassadors and players.

“I’m excited about our partnership with Greenfly because it makes both platforms better for customers,” Blinkfire CEO and Co-founder Steve Olechowski said “Greenfly customers can now get accurate and timely metrics across social media channels when posted directly from their platform. Joint Blinkfire and Greenfly customers can now track, search, and report on sponsorship impact and extra value delivered from using Greenfly to distribute content to their athletes, influencers, and creators.”

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