LaLiga to use Sceenic’s Watch Together technology in their OTT platform


Considered the most popular football league in the world, with more than 3.3 billion mobile internet users worldwide, LaLiga the “Spanish football league” is always searching to continue enhancing the viewing experience of its fans. For this reason, in an innovative strategy, LaLiga decided to partner with Sceenic and run a pilot featuring their Watch Together software solution, allowing fans to stream their favorite games whilst watching together in real-time with friends.

Sceenic’s watch together software solution, will be integrated into LaLiga’s OTT platform. After the pilot period, when successful, Watch Together will be an available feature for LaLiga Sports TV users, allowing fans to stream their favourite games, react and comment in real-time with friends, fulfilling LaLiga’s biggest aim: to build a loyal and strong community.

Minerva Santana, Director of Innovation & Global Development at LaLiga, expressed that “in order to remain leaders” they need to be able to anticipate “the new models of fan engagement and forms of audio-visual content consumption that are supported by technologies such as Sceenic’s Watch Together software”.

This technology will enable, the growth of their subscribers and penetration rate, most importantly, be the first choice for fans looking into online sports entertainment.

Jonathan Williams, COO at Sceenic is confident about what this new partnership brings to the table: “During the past few years all our efforts have been focus in the European market, working along cable operators, broadcasters and telcos, and most recently we started working in the U.S. Market as well bringing a new vision to the company that also allowed us to open our offering to Middle East and Oceania. But working with LaLiga, is taking Sceenic to a whole new level, as the potential reaches a global scale, we are talking about billions of potential users for our technology. This certainly is a big challenge for us as a company, as we will be enabling people all over the world to come together around their biggest passions, and this definitely draws a huge smile on our faces.”