Mimica Touch is a label that tells you the real date your food will expire

Design Boom

mimica touch is a cap or label that helps consumers keep their food better and know when food truly spoils to reduce food waste. developed by london-based industrial designer, solveiga pakštaitė, the project aims to combat one of our biggest’s problems: food waste. just to give you a general image, in the UK alone, 60% of food that is thrown away is still edible, even if the label states the contrary.

to date, expiry dates are estimates of what the worst case temperature scenario will be for the product, in order to make sure we are all safe. the idea is good, however, most of us will store food in much better conditions than the worst case scenario and this is when good food, and money, get wasted. to help get a better reading of your food status, mimica touch responds to temperature changes thanks to a gel filling that goes from smooth to bumpy at the same pace as the food inside spoils. when the label feels smooth, the food is still fresh. as soon as the label feels bumpy, the food is spoiled.