The most innovative companies in social media of 2023

Fast Company

The change of pace in social media these days is staggering. Social media will continue to evolve in the months to come, of course, as users migrate to and from new platforms and short-form video becomes even more advanced—and entertaining. At the same time, look for a bigger push from creators to benefit financially from their creations in both new and traditional ways. With so many companies vying for your attention, both established and upstart entrants are making an impression by offering tools that bring people together in an authentic way.

Several of this year’s most innovative social media companies have carved out their own niches. Chief connects rising-star professional women investing in their careers so that they can learn from and support each other, both in a digital sphere and IRL. Peanut convenes women at similar life stages such as pregnancy and gives them access to people, whether it’s a sex coach or a sleep consultant, who can help them through some of life’s biggest hurdles. These services relate to the larger trend of encouraging people to share their lives with friends in an unfiltered, spontaneous way, one that harkens back to the earliest days of social as a medium. BeReal, the daily photo-taking and sharing app, epitomizes this desire.

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