WSC Sports Was Built on a Love for Sports. It Changed The Entire Game.


f you have ever watched a highlight of LeBron James dunking, Harry Kane scoring a goal or Tiger Woods sinking a putt, there’s a good chance WSC Sports powered the technology to create the highlight.

It all started as a way to combine Daniel Shichman’s love of sports — basketball specifically — with his education in technology, but it turned Shichman into the CEO of one of the most prominent sports technology companies in the world. WSC Sports is the not-so-secret sauce behind more than 300 of the world’s largest sports media rights-holders, including the NBA, ESPN, La Liga, Serie A, NASCAR, YouTubeTV and many more.

Built on an AI platform, WSC Sports has revolutionized the way sports highlights are created, distributed and consumed. Utilizing advanced machine learning technologies, WSC Sports’ proprietary platform analyzes live sports broadcasts and identifies, tags and indexes every event that occurs in a game. In real-time, it creates and publishes customized videos for more than 20 different types of sports. Rights-holders utilize this automation technology to fill their owned and operated platforms with content that’s highly personalized and tailored to suit every type of fan.

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