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Augmented Reality Goes Primetime

Audiences on social have shifted from the feed to the camera as popularity with Snapchat and Instagram Stories proves that “stories as a format” is the new go-to for consumer engagement. With AR bringing elements of the virtual world into our real world creating high sensory experiences in the things we see, hear, and feel, it becomes the only medium that allows a brand to be apart of the content creation process.

If brands are apart of a content co-creation process and not interrupting the consumer, they have an opportunity to build content with them, not just for them. This panel will discuss the growing impact of AR technology and what’s in store for the use of AR in 2020 and beyond.

Proposed Speakers:

Kyle Bunch, Managing Director, R/GA Ventures, R/GA
Allison Wood, Co-Founder and CEO , Camera IQ


Blockchain for Innovation Discovery

Blockchain-based solutions have emerged as a powerful way for companies to enable unprecedented levels of cooperation and efficiency. The technical aspects of pilots and innovation experiments are only part of the story. Often overlooked, the process of gathering consensus and buy-in is a critical component of tech experimentation. Led by R/GA Portland’s VP, Technology Patricia Choi and R/GA Ventures’ Senior Strategist Jose Daghir, this discussion will touch on the processes and techniques that can encourage corporations to embrace innovation and experimentation, and how to look for the right partners in the blockchain space who are building practical applications for scale.

Proposed Speakers:

Patricia Choi, VP, Technology, R/GA
Josh Daghir, Senior Strategist, R/GA


Mind Your Business: How Brands Should Use Our Data

It is estimated that 1.7 megabytes of data will be created every second by each person in 2020. Our future will be shaped by technology that leverages data in increasingly powerful and sophisticated ways. Yet the current technologies and business models are ill-equipped to scale and meet changing consumer expectations.

The power of technology is unlocking a shift in the paradigm, where consumers will want to regain control of their data and expect greater transparency from brands and channels they engage with. This will have far-reaching implications for privacy, regulation, data-driven marketing and personalization, and ultimately will result in new business models. We need new guidelines that address privacy, transparency, and the equitable exchange of data between users and brands.

Proposed Speakers:

Nick Coronges, EVP Global Chief Technology Officer, R/GA
Hanan Belarbi, Head of Data EMEA, R/GA


Pets Need Innovation Too

Pet spending is estimated to increase by more than 50% over the next five years. Advancements in scientific research and the development of emerging technologies have made it possible for people to advocate for their pets in new ways—helping them live healthier, happier lives. Yet, there are few platforms that promote solutions to develop new market opportunities as people put more pressure on brands to develop better quality products and services for their pets.

As people lean into brands as extensions of themselves, there has become a new level of commitment in championing innovation across all verticals of one’s life including being a pet parent. This panel will discuss the growing impact of consumers demanding modern, smart solutions to help them take better care of their pets.

Proposed Speakers:

Leonid Sudakov, President, Kinship
Joyce Schmulson, Strategist, R/GA
Aimee Gilbreath, Executive Director, Michelson Found Animals Foundation


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